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8 Smart Ways Explaining How Service Ticket Management System Can Help in a better Customer Support

Almost every business, regardless of its size has to deal with integrating a help desk ticketing system into their business operations. Let’s decipher the literal meaning of a “Helpdesk Ticket Customer Support Business”.

5 Best Ways to Create a Smart Customer Journey Map

You may have heard a lot of digital marketers saying ‘Even after running paid campaigns, I don’t get enough leads.’ Well! The issue with them is that they fail to understand where the actual problem lies. In a rapidly progressing world, it is imperative to understand the importance of having a customer journey map.

7 Best Ways to Make an Impactful Brand Strategy for your Business

Whether you are aiming to run an ecommerce business or a restaurant, having a strongbrand identity has now become one of the basic ingredients for any successful venture. Studies suggest that millennials consider branding as a major part of building a strong identity for any business or even for an individual.

How to Make a Marketing Funnel to Improve Business Growth

Rising customer expectations have definitely uplifted the level of energy, analysis and concentration you need when building a strong marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is a powerful way to bring visibility to every stage of connecting with your customers. The biggest benefit of marketing funnels is their measurability.

14 Untold Facts to Prove the Importance of CRM Software

Businesses since ancient times have placed great emphasis on customer relationship. It is not just in this digital era that customer relationship is essential, which is where CRMs step in. A healthy business always focuses on having a sound CRM tool which helps them recognize and communicate with their customers in a scalable way.

8 Hacks to Improve your Customer Relationship Management Processes

Customer relations are more like plants; if you stop watering them, they will lose their essence and charm in a short time. Thus proving that managing and maintaining customer relations is a crucial ingredient to the success of your business.

11 Perfect Tips to Improve Your Sales & Marketing Coordination

A business may see many highs and lows, but when you hire a competitive sales and marketing department, things often change. Wondering how and why? Well! It is because a sales and marketing team makes required efforts to get new prospective clients and showcase your business as a brand, respectively.

Smart Tips to Increase the CRM Software Adoption

In the past few years, the importance and impact of customer support software have increased to a vast extent. Right from managing data information of each customer to approaching them, these software solutions make it easy for a business to automate most of the manual processes without much hassle or pain.

7 Simple Ways To Reduce The Customer Churn

The term ‘customer churn’ may seem new to some of you. To make it clear for all, customer churn is the percentage of customers who decide to discontinue using any particular service or product. Generally, it increases when the business fails to provide quality.

Smart Tips to Build a Strong CRM Strategy for Your Business’ Success

Devising a strategy that drives your business in a direction which uplifts your standards and in-turn profit rates, is mandatory in today’s progressing world. To achieve that, companies have begun to heavily rely on their CRM and a CRM strategy which can create a significant difference in how efficiently they handle their operations.

10 Best Ways for Brand Reputation Management

Building a brand is one tough job, but maintaining is tougher. From showcasing yourself as the best to prove yourself as a brand which fulfills its commitments to the core; there are several marketing activities which need to be kept in mind. With advancing technology and educated customers, you need to know the right practices as they all sum up to form customer experience, and companies thrive on making their customer experience better with each passing day.

How Customer Experience Improves Business Reputation

How does a customer usually feel when they utilize your service is known as customer experience. For any business, customer experience starts the moment potential customer probes into your offerings. There are several factors which can either build or damage any business’ reputation. Be it customer support or help desk customer services, the scope is vast, and so is the approach segment.

Customer support in the future: 7 trends

Ever since the boom of technology in the mainstream during the 1950s, businesses have seen a rather exponential increase. With the introduction to communication technologies like the telephone, more businesses started setting up call centers to aid their clientele.

Get started with personalized customer services

Personalized customer services are some of the most customer retaining strategies in the business. Through personalized customer services, you will be able to make customers feel included in the processes.

How to set yourself on the path to better customer service

While for business owners, the growth of the business is a sign of success, this can mean complications for the customer service team. Processes such as product returns, repairs and, processing feedback, all require great service management skills. If the businesses are using omnichannel support, then they will need to provide great service management skills to all available channels and platforms.

Omni-channel analytics: how to benefit from them

Omni-channel services are the best when it comes to customer services. The omnichannel approach requires a strong and clear strategy that will seamlessly provide services to your customers. The omnichannel analytics is a newer way of revamping your marketing strategies using some digital insight and metrics.

Using A/B testing to improve conversion rates

When businesses go online with their services and products, they require a lot of testing to make sure that their website or app is running perfectly. Not only this, many businesses make changes to business due to a gut feeling or any kind of impulse. Sometimes, this change is not welcome and it is neither sustainable.

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I’ve been working with over 35 IT companies on more than 200 projects of our company, but @Meettroy is one of the most impressive to me.


I’ve been working with over 35 IT companies on more than 200 projects of our company, but @Meettroy is one of the most impressive to me.

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