How to Make a Marketing Funnel to Improve Business Growth

Rising customer expectations have definitely uplifted the level of energy, analysis and concentration you need when building a strong marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is a powerful way to bring visibility to every stage of connecting with your customers. The biggest benefit of marketing funnels is their measurability.

Before we move towards understanding the different benefits of a powerful marketing funnel, here are the key steps of buildingfruitful business growth strategies viasmart marketing funnels.

  1. Researching Target Audience- Know Your Customers! Every business thrives on their customers paying attention to their services and products and that is only possible when you know who your target audience is. Start mapping your prospects and you are half way there already. Research about different requirements, interests, challenges, and demographics of your customers.

  2. Analyzing Your Marketing Funnel Stages- Make sure to infuse components that add to the overall business model and customer requirements. Each stage of the funnel must contain your basic objective, plan, execution time and you’re bound to bring the results you aspire to achieve.

  3. Make Content Strategy-Evaluate different touch points of your customers and then create your marketing funnel by evaluating each one of them distinctively. Content when used at the right stage in the right manner can really make a huge difference and that too a large extent.Plan to write and deliver different content types at each step of your customer journey mapping to convince your audience & end up converting them into a lead.

The components of a highly effective marketing funnel are as follows:

Top of the Funnel- Spread Awareness :
Generally, the top of the funnel is the beginning of your marketing funnel where you start finding out your target audience. This stage comprises of activities such as information exchange and the first point of interaction with your target customers.

  1. Podcasts
  2. Showcasing infographics
  3. Informative blogs
  4. SEO and content marketing tactics to promote
  5. Highlight offers, social media ads, contests, etc.,

Middle of the Funnel- Consideration :
Next, comes the convincing period where you have to retain your customer for long. Start sharing information about your brand, services, and products through.

  1. eBooks
  2. informative webinars
  3. white papers
  4. email marketing campaigns
  5. PDFs giving information about your products

Bottom of the Funnel- Final Resolution :
This stage comes when your prospects have shown enough interest in your product or service to take a decision. At this point, there may be chances that your customer would compare your brand with other competitors in the market. So, make sure you stand out from your competitors in every manner. To make it happen, the best strategy is to highlight your unique selling propositions.
Once you have successfully closed a prospect for your business, start working on content copies such as:

  1. Case studies
  2. Customer testimonials
  3. Free product demos
  4. Free product specification documents
  5. PDFs giving information about your products

Final Words-
Regardless ofthe type of services or products your business offers, a marketing funnel always works as a keeper. It helps in generating a high number of leads while letting your marketing team constantly find interested customers.
This process starts with developing an apt persona of customers to get a360-degree insight of what a they must be expecting out of your business.
To keep it simple yet impactful for a venture, all you can do is just keep track of your customers’ preferences and their search journey.
While you enrich your knowledge about marketing funnels, don’t forget to share what strategies you follow to build a strong marketing funnel. Just in case you feel we have missed out on something really important, feel free to update us by writing to us in the comment section below. We really value your comments.

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