Customer support in the future: 7 trends

Ever since the boom of technology in the mainstream during the 1950s, businesses have seen a rather exponential increase. With the introduction to communication technologies like the telephone, more businesses started setting up call centers to aid their clientele.

With innovation and the introduction of newer technology, customer support has seen drastic changes. With the advent of the 21st century, computers and artificial intelligence, the customer support systems have improved significantly. Companies and customer service centers (also known as call centers) are now using AI bots to help them in serving their clientele

With the oncoming technological advances and innovation in customer support systems, we are bound to find more and more systems that make processes easier. It is without a doubt, safe to say that the future businesses which will thrive are the ones who embrace this rapid change.

This is why it is important to know how the customer support landscape will change in the coming years. When business owners and analysts know about the oncoming trends, they will be able to keep their businesses running.

We have listed below 7 trends that will be all the rage in the upcoming years.

  1. Automated service
    Businesses usually gain loyal and long-time clientele by providing them with top-notch customer services. This adds to the business’ image and allows you to maximize your efficiency. The automated customer service makes sure that your customers have the least response time.

    The automated customer services usually help you improve your efficiency and accuracy by focusing on significant conversations. This elevates the clientele’s experience with the customer support team as their valuable time is saved and so is yours.

    Most businesses use AI chatbots online to figure out the customer's query beforehand so that they may be instructed properly. Many times, customers don’t even need to talk to a representative as their queries are already answered on the website. The bots simply take the customer to the relevant web page instead of wasting their time with a representative.

  2. Using online survey systems
    Businesses are rapidly changing and so are the markets. Businesses are gravitating more towards customer satisfaction than ever before. Due to this trend, the expectations of customers and clientele have significantly risen as well. This is why businesses are now under a lot of pressure to do better than ever before.

    For businesses to compete in the future, they will need to focus on their growth and customer satisfaction. One of the most important steps to take in this process is to adapt the company’s policies according to the growing and emerging trends.

    With such competition, businesses need to make use of available online surveying systems. They can use these survey systems to help them figure out what the customers are satisfied with and what they're not satisfied with. In doing so, the businesses are making the customers feel included in the policy-making of the company as well as helping themselves get better in the process. It's a win-win!

  3. Using social media
    Social media is an important part of online spaces. Using social media is a new and improved way to interact with your customers and potential clients. With many clients and customers preferring the social media channel over others, the platform is becoming more and more critical to businesses than ever.

    In a report by Sprout Social, it was found that 71% of social marketers claimed to provide beneficial data to other departments of the business. This is because of the valuable data they collect during their social media campaigns.

    Any business willing to do better and adapt, needs to critically analyze how their social media support will work out for their clientele.

  4. Personalized Customer Services
    Personalized customer services and systems are a great way to make the customers feel included and valued by a business. The personalization processes have started to develop ever since the last decade due to their inclusive features and the benefit they provide for their clients.

    Customer retention is a major outcome of personalized customer services. It is achieved by engaging with the customers in a more personal way. Customer representatives often use the customers' real name during conversations to make them feel more welcome.

    Customers and clientele in this day and age expect businesses to understand their interests and requirements. This is why optimizing this personalization method is going to be beneficial in the long run.

  5. Omni-channel services
    With the advent of technology and mobile devices, omnichannel services have become more and more common. The omnichannel services provide a seamless and uniform shopping experience to the customers. Through omnichannel services, a customer will experience the same shopping experience whether they're on the company's website or in their store.

    These omnichannel services quickly integrate real-time customer information with the existing customer data to synchronize them. These services help the businesses to maintain relevancy wherever the customer requires there to be relevancy.

  6. User Experience (UX)
    The experience that the end-users have with your business' website is the impression that they'll eventually take away from it. It is essential for growing the user experience on all platforms so that customers may want to experience your service again.

    In a study, it was found that 88% of online customers do not choose to return to the website after a single experience that went bad. To keep this from happening, businesses need to work on their online presence and make sure their customers have an easy and fulfilling experience.

  7. Using Cloud services
    Many organizations are now using cloud services such as the SaaS for making their businesses much more reliable and durable. These organizations place their applications or websites on the cloud so that they may be much more secure and less prone to crashing.

    When applications or customer service helplines crash, they make a bad impact on their reputation. Using cloud services, all of that can be avoided and managed properly.

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