8 Hacks to Improve your Customer Relationship Management Processes

Customer relations are more like plants; if you stop watering them, they will lose their essence and charm in a short time. Thus proving that managing and maintaining customer relations is a crucial ingredient to the success of your business.

One of the best and most effective ways of improving your customer retention rate is to give them a great experience so they can promote your brand, services, or products through word of mouth. According to the most successful marketers, this technique gets the maximum attention without making much effort.

To provide you with a more appropriate overview of what can be done to maximize your relationship with your target audience, here are the best nine practices which if executed at the right time with the right approach can help you bring a difference in improving customer experience. Check out these hacks and pull up your socks to implement them in your business too.

  1. Get your hands on smart customer relationship management tools- It may sound as if you’re entirely depending on technology, but in the business context, it is essential to be techno-friendly. It helps to store different data files, automates the manual processes while making the customer journey easier on your online platforms or stores.

  2. Pay more attention to customer retention rate- You need to learn the art of devoting sufficient amount of time to each of your customers rather than paying attention to any particular one. As per a recent report by Forbes, 80% of the reputed businesses will be able to generate a right amount soonjust from 20% of their existing clients/customers. These stats are enough to let everyone understand the value of paying a fair amount of attention to every customer.

  3. Work on improving the customer effort score- For those who are not aware of what ‘customer effort score’ is, it is the amount of effort made by a customer to know your brand or to associate with it. Taking the right decision, keeping in mind the customer’s decision is critical here.

  4. Know more about FCR- Wondering what FCR is? FCR stands for first contact resolution, which is referred to as the total number of support tickets resolved by the support team in the first attempt.Timely ticket resolution results in customer satisfaction, which leaves a positive impact on your customer retention rate to a great extent.

  5. Hire customer advisory members- Just in case you feel you aren’t good enough in improving customer experience; it is good to have a department for customer advisory, helping you sort out with such queries. Generally, these experts have several strategies to let you connect with customers for life.

  6. Find quicker solutions- Serving excellent services or products is never enough until you are not good with providing the best in the minimal possible time. The sooner you handle and resolve the issues of your customers, the more your customers are going to prefer you. For this, you can create a fast yet straightforward process to avoid the hassle of time management.

  7. Make the first impression right- Make sure to train your employees or the point of contact person properly. Let your crew know every minor detail of the product or services so that your business does not have to suffer the embarrassment later.

  8. Maintain your social mediaIn the present time, social media is one of the best platforms to connect with your customers and give them enough reasons to trust your brand name. So, be active on social media and let your customers know about your exclusive or upcoming services or products.


Nurturing good customer relations is one of the most important factors when taking your business to new heights. However, it asks for some innovative efforts, but if followed, it can bring a real difference without any doubt. All you need is the right intent, right approach, and the ability to judge the right prospects to be approached.

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