5 Best Ways to Create a Smart Customer Journey Map

You may have heard a lot of digital marketers saying ‘Even after running paid campaigns, I don’t get enough leads.’ Well! The issue with them is that they fail to understand where the actual problem lies. In a rapidly progressing world, it is imperative to understand the importance of having a customer journey map.

When reading about customer journey maps, half of the people fail to understand its essence and concept. So, what Is Customer Journey Map?

It is an analysis done on the entire journey of the customer, all the way from them landing onto your website to them ending up placing an order or filling the lead generation form displayed on your website. This is a great way to understand human behavior, unraveling a lot about your targeted audience. It is one of the best practices when creating a strong and meaningful sales funnel.

For all those who want to replicate this strategy for an increase customer retention, here are the best 5 practices to plan and execute:

  1. Set a clear objective - Until things are clear in your head, nothing is going to fall in the right place. The first practice you need to implement is jotting down all your weak points, know the process to run the right insight, and make a list of all the challenges you face while you work on your company’s customer journey mapping .

  2. Know your customers –Studies reveal that not only 50% of corporate brands agree to have a solid strategy to capitalize good relationships with their existing or potential customers. Before you draft or analyze a customer journey map, you must look for the touchpoints of your customers, allowing you a better understanding your target audience. Try gaining insights into areas such as requirements, income, demographics, and geography of your most expected customers.

  3. Note touchpoints– As mentioned earlier, knowing your customers through their touchpoints is vital. Brands should try their best in obtaining information about where your customer is reading about you, what made your customer consider you, which is the most preferred or chosen service/product so far etc.? Try finding out answers to all such questions and you will be closer to your targeted audience for sure. This helps in creating a strong sales funnel. To make it happen, some expert digital marketers keep a close watch on AIDA (attention, interest, desire, and action) of their customers.

  4. Experience this journey yourself - The best way to understand the mindset of your customers is to step into their shoes. To support your research, track different mediums including- landing page traffic, analysis of email marketing, and social media engagement levels.

  5. Go for A/B testing - Never restrict your research and analysis. Look for multiple mediums or run tests on different mediums to fetch as detailed information about your customer interests as you can. A/B testing not only gives you a genuine feedback, but also helps answering queries like awareness, acquisition, and customer consideration.

So, think no more and hop on to your preferred helpdesk platform, today!

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