11 Perfect Tips to Improve Your Sales & Marketing Coordination

A business may see many highs and lows, but when you hire a competitive sales and marketing department, things often change. Wondering how and why? Well! It is because a sales and marketing team makes required efforts to get new prospective clients and showcase your business as a brand, respectively.

Unfortunately, most companies lack proper co-ordination within their sales and marketing department, leading to poor teamwork. It somehow disbalances the promotional activities, which ultimately leaves its impact on business branding activities.

Here are the best 11 strategies entailing the importance of associating your sales and marketing department.

  1. Get a CRM software soon- There is a lot of software which significantly adds to the operational processes of a business. One of the best software for such purposes is CRM (customer relationship management) which simplifies data storage, improves association, and automates the complete process of collaborating with the prospects. Automated notifications embedded into the system, make it a marketing automation solution at its best.

  2. Integrate marketing process with your CRM software- When you integrate the entire marketing or sales process with the updated CRM solution, you automate the lead qualification process, implement the right lead scoring scheme, allow active tracking of lead behaviors, and much more.

  3. Messaging platforms to improve sales & marketing collaboration- When it comes to creating convincing messages for the prospects, it somehow includes the sales process as well. This process somewhere shows the idea of having a better collaboration between the sales and marketing team to attain improved results. The messages or other content curation copies for right branding comes from the marketing team, which are represented to the prospects through the help of the sales team. Somewhere, this makes marketing and sales a collective team in itself.

  4. Execute lead scoring- This is one of the practices which simplifies the operations for sales and marketing team together. It starts with gauging and segregating quality leads out of all. Generally, the marketing team undertakes this activity. Once done, the marketing team sends leads to the sales team for further processing. According to a recent study generated by DemandGen Report, around 41% of responders have seen an improvement in the lead capturing and converting process all through the help of using lead scoring in their overall business processes.

  5. Track the customer’s journey- To know your target audience better, you need to start mapping their search journey, which can give you a good idea about what exactly your target customers/clients are seeking. The mapping process generally begins with proper keyword research.

  6. Define the lead capturing stages- Evaluate where your customers feel compelled to submit a lead form on your website. Accurate tracking can help you evaluate the potential your content has, and can even help in analyzing which CTA (call to action) is working appropriately to bring more leads. The different stages may include- SQL (sales qualified lead), known lead, MQL (marketing qualified lead), or others.

  7. Take advantage of automated notifications- The technology and advancement of integrated CRM can help you get as many leverages as possible. One of them is to get a quick and automated notification at each step of capturing the lead. This quick notification process is enabled by CRM software, which makes it easy for marketing as well as sales department to close deals quickly.

  8. Go for inbound content- Here the primary role is played by the content writer and marketer who writes promotional content and markets it on multiple platforms adding value to brand management. The high-level content pieces must be advertised on a high-rank page, which can help you get quicker and better results in every way possible.

  9. Execute sales service level agreement- SLA (service level agreement) is essential to set a specific protocol in businesses to improve the quality of results obtained and measured on each step of activity performed by the sales and marketing department. Usually, SLAs are used by marketers to have a good sense of accountability on the processes performed so far.

  10. Set up monthly meetings- Collaborate both the meetings when conducting your monthly meetings. These meetings will bring out new processes and fresh ideas to fuel the marketing and sales processes to a great extent. These meetings can help you obtain the answers to any of your operations related activities such as; Is the sales team completing the tasks mentioned under SLAs? Are the leads searched by the marketing team sufficient enough to proceed further? etc.

  11. Analyze the outputs- Now, this one entirely depends on you whether you want to evaluate the results on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. But it is vital to conduct the evaluation process on sales and marketing activities to make better and effective decisions.

Businesses heavily focusing on a sales and marketing department collaboration produce better results than any other company without this collaboration. However, these two are considered to be two different departments, but not many business owners realize the similarities between the two. The only difference is the strategy used.

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